Behind closed doors — 5 Comments

  1. “They were well known in the estate as a very close couple. They were picture perfect”

    Comedian Jasper Carrot once observed that when people are interviewed by TV crews after a fight (or worse) broke out in their area, those involved are always described as “Such nice, normal people – they always kept themselves to themselves”

    I remember listening to an irate truck driver in the early days of (analogue) mobile phones. They used frequencies which could be picked up on most basic scanners. I soon realised this driver had broken down just short of a busy junction half a mile away. It was rush hour, and he was obviously speaking to his depot manager, and demanding prompt breakdown assistance. There were several calls, a few minutes apart, and each was more desperate and expletive ridden than the previous! I can’t remember if I walked down the road to observe the chaos…

  2. In another life many decades ago, my job took me into vast numbers of domestic homes of all types. It was an eye-opener to one who’d had a fairly sheltered upbringing, the situations you encountered often defied description. What was most revealing was that the most bizarre things tended to be found in the most ‘respectable’ of homes, with the most apparently staid and respected people. Sounds like your eavesdropped neighbours would fit the bill nicely – albeit rather tame by some standards.

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