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    • It’s strange that you suggested that…. Herself thought it might be an automaton sent over by a neighbour. Maybe she’s not paranoid after all?

  1. Blackcaps (like most warblers) usually hide in vegetation, and can be right buggers to spot. But when the artificial stream in my garden was still working they would often break cover for a good splash before disappearing once more. I’ve also seen them around the bird table in winter, which is odd because they normally migrate to Africa for better weather. But reports now suggest some of them stay here all year round. Whether that’s because of “Climate Change”, better access to food, or because they don’t want to risk a long journey – only to be trapped in giant nets by our “European Partners” – is unclear…

    • That would explain things all right. One thing that is plentiful here is vegetation. It’s the ultimate nesting spot! The more the merrier and it’s a grand excuse to avoid hedge cutting….

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