1,300 lives — 12 Comments

  1. Always remember, there are two types of statistics – those you look up and those you make up.

    And if no-one can prove the latter to be wrong, then it becomes the truth until someone demonstrably proves it wrong – that’s how ‘science’ works.

    For further evidence, see Covid, Global Warming, Public Health outputs etc. ad infinitum.

    • It has reached the stage that I don’t believe any statistics. Virtually every one from any source has little loopholes that can be spotted with proctice.

  2. My family Doctor, (who was a pipe smoker by the way) told me once of a notice that the American Medical Association had sent out to Medical Examiners nationwide.

    The MEs were advised that if a cause of death could not be positively identified they could enter “Smoking Related” as a possible cause if the person had ever smoked or been around smokers for any appreciable amount of time.

    Could it be that you have some death certificates over there that are “Turf* Related”?

    *(This may also apply to gang turf in order to boost the numbers.)

    • I doubt that the word “smoking” has ever appeared on a Death Certificate and I can guarantee “turf” has appeared even less.

  3. Dear Grandad

    One assumes that these deaths do not include those who tested positive for covid within 28 days of death, so there must be a few who were guilty of dying of both turf related disease and covid. Then again, what of the turf exposed smokers? And the subset of those who also tested positive for covid with 28 days of death?

    Meanwhile in dear old Blighty, something odd happened last year in the excess mortality in the 0-44 year age group compared with the average of the previous 5 years:


    • It’s all a matter of shuffling figures from one column into another. It’s only when you look at the grand totals you begin to get the picture.

  4. I read one report that said it was sitting at open fires that caused 1,400 deaths a year. Having worked in a community where there were numerous nonagenarians with turf fires stacked up the chimney, I felt dubious about such a nonsensical claim.

    • Of course it is utter bilge. I honestly don’t know how they keep a straight face when quoting these figures.

  5. Q: Who exactly are these 1,300 people?
    A: They don’t exist. They are a numerical output from some computer model. Almost certainly they don’t actually measure smoke levels in the air but instead use some proxy. W M Briggs (aka “Statistician to the Stars”) has covered this quite a bit if you want more info.

    But, hey, modelers gotta model and regulators gotta regulate, otherwise their nice taxpayer funded livings would disappear. Also see “Climate EMERGENCY – Woop Woop” 😉

    PS: nice to have you back from wherever you weren’t last week.

    • ’tis true I was still here just not here. It’s hard going when nothing happens. My peak of excitement today is a grocery delivery. What bright fucking spark said that the ’12 x dogfood tins’ was out of stick and substituted it with one ‘6 x tin’? Now I’m going to run short on dogfood!

      • Were you still charged for the 12 by? Things like this happen to us quite some little bit.

        • No. They pass each item through the checkout as if I were doing it myself in a normal shop. So I pay for what I get.

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