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  1. I’d noticed that as well. The BBC, independent radio stations, they all added the ‘far right’ tag whenever they mentioned Marine Le Pen but gave no indication at all as to Macron”s political stance. Why do I never hear of anyone being described as ‘far left’ on the news?

    • All the television news and newspapers here were on the Far Right kick as well. It was almost as if Le Pen had changed her name by deed-poll. Weird.

      I remember the good old days when Left meant a leaning to Communism while Right meant Conservatism.

  2. The ‘far right’ tag irritates me. It’s not a description because many of her policies are surprisingly socialist, rather it is a veiled dog-whistle insult because she wants to close off immigration and all the news outlets are signed up to leftist open borders. I’m sure they would much prefer to use the word ‘racist’ but she has a better ethnic spread of people in her party than Macron does so would be open to slander. Incidentally Macron is sometimes described as ‘centrist’.

  3. It is a circle.
    Once you are way beyond extreme ultra far right you pass through National Socialism, Communism, a very short stretch, almost paper thin, of ultra extreme far left, extreme left, far left, left, and then back into a great long stretch of centrist.
    Liberals sort of hover above this oscillating either side of extreme centrist.
    Fascists can be anywhere on this great circle depending on who is talking.
    Fascists really only believe in tying sticks together into bundles. A form of OCD. But nobody mentions this for fear (geddit?) of being labelled a fascophobic.

  4. According to Macron, he will be a President for all the French. So, WTF has been doing for the past 5 years? It appears that the French want things to be better. So why do they keep voting for the same old?

  5. There’s a screen grab from French TV doing the rounds – it shows Le Pen in the lead shortly before the numbers suddenly dropped. A carbon copy of the vote rigging which occurred in the US…

    • I’m with you Dave, that election was rigged, I don’t care what anybody says.

      One good thing about paying through the nose for everything is that the longer it keeps up, the farther and faster Sleepy Joe’s numbers fall.

      I’m looking for Joe to be declared incompetent, Camalla will take over and Hillary will be screaming at Nancy “It’s my turn!”

      Politics in the U.S.A. anymore is like watching an episode of “Saturday Night Live”.

  6. I’ve always considered myself a ‘far-I really don’t give a flying f**k’ type of guy. One politician is pretty much the same as another as far as I’m concerned. Politics, as far as I’m concerned, just gets in the way of actually getting stuff done.

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