Bureaucracy — 7 Comments

  1. Now there must be a way to be the death of bureaucracy – perhaps overload them with forms/paper they must respond to?

    • The already have that trick cornered for themselves. One way of fighting back is to insist on giving answers they aren’t expecting and where there is no tick-box on their computer screens. That confuses the hell out of them.

  2. Here in my part of the UK I moved here from Spain 3 years ago and I just went to a local bank where they did all the stuff you mention. No personal involvement at all. Sad to find you have problems. I dare say that if you close your account the system will track you down. Then you can put them straight.

    • Neither the old nor the new are much help [though they claim to smooth the process]. In practice everything is fine and I am now happily using the new bank. The only problem is the last Jobsworth. I either sort that or I lose my allowance as they would happily carry on paying it into a black hole. That would hurt big time…

  3. Contact your TD. They do feck all else, so you might as well send the whole story to one of them.

    The guy with a painted egg for a face wouldn’t be much help but the fellow in Skobieville would probably sort it.

    • I had actually considered setting aside my contempt for the breed and approaching one of them. Egg-head would be at the bottom of the list. There was some hope for him when he was Independent but lost any shred of respectability when he joined FF.

  4. “Security”!

    They guard your personal and financial information so closely that even you can’t make changes to it.

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