Naming your fears — 11 Comments

  1. It’s always the same with leftists.
    Everyone must be kept safe. Until the moment the Leftists turn and then all safety and support is completely gone.
    Witness the left relentlessly poking Vladimir Putin at the moment…

    • What I can’t work out is the thinking behind naming storms. Is it to give them some kind of gravitas [i.e. be very afraid] or is it to make them all cute and cuddly?

      • I think it’s just copying the Americans who have done this for more years then I can remember

      • They’ve not yet named any storms as ‘Abdul’, ‘Bashir’, ‘Mohammed’, ‘Khan’ or others of the most popular current birth-names. Funny that.

  2. Bill, one of my favorites is “be careful”. As Sheldon Cooper once replied, “If I wasn’t going to be careful; you’re telling me to be careful would not make me careful.”

    Grandad, I’d bet it was Storm Dudley that moved your bird feeding table.

  3. I think the naming has to do with making weather scarier, in support of the CLIMATE EMERGENCY ™ narrative, so we are probably stuck with that. We might however push back a bit by choosing the names from those of childhood pets: Storm Tiddles, Storm Fluffy ?

    • PS: “Stay Safe!” is in the form of an imperative, a command. I’ve always preferred to use my own judgement, so I’m only safe some of the time 😉
      Some years ago I used to read a blog titled “The Whited Sepulchre” ( In the ways of some things on t’interwebs, it is still there, untouched since 2015. The final post was “The Last Blog Post – Don’t Be Safe”. Still worth a read…

  4. Penny’s out.
    That will be a yellow snow warning then.
    The Storm naming thing is just so they can claim the next “Weebitohabreeze” is the blowiest Storm since records belong.

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