Verbal diarrhea — 13 Comments

  1. Maybe they should demonstrate how the ‘rules’ work through the medium of a ‘Snakes & Ladders’ game, where you get up some rungs of a ladder for being jabbed or for having a Jab-Pass, but slide down snakes if you’re a close contact, are over 70 or have an R in your name. That would make as much sense.

    But knowing current governments, they’d design it with five-sided dice, so you could never throw a double-six to start.

  2. As many have said – they know the Jig is up, vax & boosters will be shown to be ineffective and the ‘flu-type virus’ will have become tolerable, BUT the damage done by vaccines and lockdowns will not be forgotten and these petty little hitlers love being able to order us all about. They will make the most of it before telling us to be grateful for them saving us all.

    I can’t make any sense of the crap they spout either. They can be certain I won’t be listening in future!

  3. Take pity on the minister. He was probably told the new rules just before taking a taxi ride, a WHOLE taxi ride, to the studio.

    • A taxi? You must be joking. Hasn’t he got his own State car and a driver to whisk him around?

    • He does have a rather strangely shaped head, tapering off towards the top. I used to refer to him as Humpty but Herself complained as for some strange reason, she likes him.

      I still get away with calling our president “the Hobbit” though. I tell her it’s a term of affection.

  4. If I remember right, someone or other said that the “pandemic” would end in March 2022. Let’s see what they’ve installed in the meantime that will be up and running by March? Maybe a brand new crystal ball?

    • Maybe the Virus has a built in self-destruct code? Mind you, it seems to be self destructing at the moment. Half the people who have it don’t even realise they have it….

  5. I was in a Supermarket yesterday and a lady fitting her mask said to me “better to be safe” I said “well bring a bucket of sand next time in case there is a fire.”

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