Operation Transformation — 7 Comments

  1. I have always packed around a few more pounds than the ‘experts’ say I should. (I think I still have a few of those “baby fat” pounds here somewhere.) No alarm bells go off on my checkups, (other than those raised by me when the subject of the prostate exam comes up). One way traffic only Doc.

    I have my own health regimen I follow. “An apple a Day keeps the doctor away” and I have a half dozen apple shape pipes in the rack.

    • In my teens I was ten stone. I have slowly increased to around twelve. Nothing I do can shift that figure either up or down. That includes a few years lugging heavy equipment around housing estates on foot, and years of just dong nearly nothing. So exercise seems to have no effect on me.

  2. You are unfair to the likes of Opportunity Knocks and New Faces. These were genuine talent shows which strated the careers of Lenny Henry, Mary Hopkin and Paul Daniels for instance. Big Brother and similar drosss should not be compared to them

    • You’re right of course. They were the originals of the species but as is the norm, everything degenerated from then on. The only new format was Big Brother but that was awful to start with.

  3. Maybe they wish the stupid programme would disappear to make space and time for something better. Otherwise if shit programmes were just switched off they would end up watching a blank screen most days.
    Not what they need or pay for. Quality control with no charge.

  4. Why don’t they switch off?

    Because they’re controlling twonks and don’t want *anyone else* to see it.

    “I demand that something I deem offensive, or deem that someone may, possibly, maybe, be seen as offensive, should be censored. Or I’ll squeem and screeem and… ”

    You get the point

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