Stop the press — 7 Comments

  1. Tattoos.
    Embra has/had a good one.
    Talking of which Embra has shops that sell nice stuff, and tat too.
    Bad news for Ireland. Green tattoo ink could be banned. EU conspiracy.The Teashop protests.
    Drum roll.
    Nice ( no not the town ) tres jolie French actress. Audrey Tattoo.
    Wonder if you can have your tattoos preserved for posterity?
    Has Damien Hirst done it already? New meaning for full body tanning. And old threat – Ah’ll tan yore hide.
    End of Ramble.
    Have yourself a Good New Year. And thanks for the Rambles through your brain box.

  2. I find boredom dissipates by consideration of the very large and very small (& me being a pompous twit).
    A single leaf, containing astounding detail and structure can capture the imagination, then a look up at the stars may compound it.
    You don’t have to be religious to glory in the beauty of life all around and, of course, within us.

    I’ll get me coat…

  3. Tattoos! Don’t get me started on tattoos! Or minimum pricing of alcohol! You won’t like it if you do!

    Oh, you didn’t. 🙁

    As you were.

  4. I always think that paradoxically, the most interesting posts are those we might think of as ‘ordinary’. I love to read of normal life, and the gentle trials, tribulations, joys, happiness that make up our normal days. I always feel that the mainstream media is so full of its being self-created panic and political backbiting that snippets of everyday life are the perfect antidote. And much more interesting.

    More power to your elbow, Grandad. And I had a dog that was selectively deaf as well. Couldn’t hear when it didn’t suit. But any mention of a walk or a treat and the ear immediately lifted.

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