Bring forth your children — 9 Comments

  1. There’s a suggestion the reason for jabbing the very young is that it will give these purveyors of death a get-out from prosecution, should the Emergency Authorization be withdrawn. That’s because there’s a loophole if the ‘medication’ is allowed for children.
    (This is how it is in the USA – not sure about the UK or Eire.)

    Anyway, it’s certainly not about health – the young are both almost immune to SARS-Cov-2 and also more at risk of the jab’s serious side effects.

    • As far as I am aware, Big Pharma has been granted full immunity from prosecution before they would release the product,

      To show how worried they really are about the children, all schools are to open normally this week.

  2. I agree with you as I find myself in similar position – reluctantly had the first jabs for the same reason as you but so far I have avoided the booster. What I want to know is how long it takes before my deliberately rna infected and repurposed cells stop producing pretend Covid spikes for my other body cells to fight, or does the internal civil war created by this ‘vaccine’ never stop?

    • This is the whole point. No one knows what will happen in the future. It is blank territory. It’s one of the reasons I am so violently opposed to the vaccination of kids. We have had our fun and our future is [to put it politely] somewhat limited, but they have their entire lives to live yet. For all we, or anyone else knows there could be massive lifelong complications in the future.

  3. Even by your standards pn this subject, this is nonsense. I did look at the complaint to the International Criminal Court. Talk about wading through garbage. I believe that the ICC has not lost its senses and I predict that this complaint from a load of Head the Balls will go nowhere.

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