Just a little suggestion — 8 Comments

  1. Seems to me that the surest symptom is having no symptoms. This has been a hypochondriacs dream from its outset.

  2. The answer to all your nightmares there GD, grab a boat and sail it around to Dover. You’ll be put up free in a 4 star hotel, given money and have the freedom to go wherever you want, when you want. Just tell them your name is Abdul and that you are a child.

  3. Bugger all that shite.
    You and Hur Indoors and Penny and the one at the coffee shop who gives Penny treats all have a Good New Year.
    May your whiskey stock never run low and lang may yer pipe reek.
    Thank you for all your emissions.
    All much appreciated.

  4. Can I suggest that you watch Dr Chapman on Youtube. I dont have the link to hand,but he gives the most level headed analysis of the pandemic that I have seen.He is taking heart,as am I, that the situation in South Africa is rapidly improving and that the worst is over. The virus is rapidly mutating as all viruses do and is becoming much less deadly as it mutates.It will become no worse than getting a bad cold. There has been no need for all the recent panic. Studies in South Africa are showing that having been vaccinated or naturally infected by the virus enables the body’s T cells to tackle the virus without too much sickness.

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