In the Doldrums — 9 Comments

  1. These are the Halcyon days. From Christmas to the Epiphany is the time of year that winds are at their lowest and no wars have ever started during these days

    • I can’t agree about the wind bit – we have a few blowy days ahead in the next couple of days.

      As for the war bit, I’m quite happy to start one if you’re on?

  2. I know a good number of Freemasons, but I’m not sure if they could help with the leak, although I suppose rolling up your trouser legs might be useful if the house is flooding.

  3. And dem Masons are not free.
    Trades description violation?
    What about borrowing a big tarpaulin and weighing and tying it down over your tank hut and surrounding roof.
    Do you put a little water in your whiskey? If so take a little solace.Every cloud…..
    Happy New Year.
    (I added that just to be feckin annoying. Bah, humbug.)

    • I tried the tarpaulin trick. At the moment it’s a combination of tarpaulin and corrugated sheeting bit it still leaks.

  4. Take advantage of the leak Grandad, all you need are three buckets.
    When the first one is full, swap the second of the three out and take the full one to the bathroom and leave it there to flush with. Rotate the other two as needed.

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