Christmas on the rocks — 3 Comments

  1. I have heard of the therapeutic qualities of worms in whiskey, but never rocks.

    There was a priest in a parish known for its affection for the Power and Jameson products who had a mission led by a priest from the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association.

    The people were terrified not to attend each evening and on the final night the Pioneer priest said, “Now, I’m going to show ye all the dangers of John Barleycorn.”

    He took out a pair of Waterford Crystal Tumblers and held up two earthworms dug up from the garden of the parochial house.

    “Now,” he roared at the impassive faces of the faithful, “now, ye watch this.”

    He poured tap water from a jug into the first tumbler, and dropped one of the earthworms into it. Nothing happened.

    Then he took a noggin of whiskey and poured it into the second tumbler. He dropped the second earthworm into it. The worm shrivelled up and died.

    “Now, d’ye see the point I am making?” asked the priest.

    “We do, Father,” said a man from the back, “if ye have worms ye should drink whiskey.”

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