On being chuffed — 5 Comments

    • Hold on there! Does that mean I have to father a son when I’m 100? Does Herself have any say in the matter?

  1. You paint a wonderful word picture.
    A Merry Christmas to you and Penny and all your Family.
    Re. life situations not to be mentioned, I am sure that we have all had them.
    The regret of some who are in the Autumn of life will be that they did not have any, or fewer than they would now like.
    See John Betcheman’s last televised wish. An honest man.
    And you are not done yet. Cultivate that beard and who knows what might happen.

    • Thank you. Scribbling here is a hell of a lot easier. And personally I have very few regrets. My conscience is as clear as any psychopath’s can be.

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