On being underwhelmed — 15 Comments

  1. Somebody gave you one star! 🙁 I’ve done my bit to try to correct this injustice.

    As for hoards of barbarians, I’ve already got my hoard of toilet paper and hand gel, are we supposed to hoard barbarians now? Do they stock them at Tesco? 😀

    • My garage is only just so big. I’m not sure I could fit more than three or maybe four in there. And then there’s the aroma; the neighbors are not that tolerant.

  2. If the PTB really believed this shite, the Florence, or Nightingale ward’s would be reopening.
    Unless they flogged all the kit off cheap to somebody’s wife’s brother.
    I am sure it could all be bought back again at a reasonable price.
    Meanwhile in Shropshire Boris lost. Wonder why?

    • “Meanwhile in Shropshire Boris lost. Wonder why?” I heard him give an explanation but couldn’t understand a single word. I don’t think he could either.

  3. The WHO has declared that anyone with the OmiCON even if run over by a train is put down to having died of OmiCON.

    • This has been going on the states for years but the evil tobacco weed was the doer of harm. Doctors were advised a decade or two ago that if no other cause of death could be determined, but the deceased was ever related to or associated with a smoker to show “Tobacco Related” as cause of death.

  4. The HSE is the single most incompetent and self-serving body I have encountered. It seems extraordinary that they are allowed to conduct their own press conferences and to tell people what to do.

    • Every now and then they interview someone from the HSE. Every time it’s the head of yet another department or section I have never heard of. They seem to have a department for every single contingency. Talk about too many chiefs!

  5. What is the problem?
    If vaccines work, you are safe from Covid.
    If vaccines don’t work then they make no difference.
    If vaccines partially work so Covid can still be spread what then?
    If vaccines strengthen immune systems against Covid then they also strengthen against any individual who is incubating Covid.

  6. I think the Vogons are in charge and they’ve just had (yet another) unhappy love affair.

    Seriously, the constant hammering of the pubs and bars must be coming from those who thought prohibition was a truly fabulous idea and they want to give it another go.

    I’m constantly amazed at how clever and versatile SARS/COV-2 is though. It only infects people after 5pm? Must be the first time sensitive virus ever.

    • It’s even cleverer, it could affect kids on the school-bus and in the corridors but not in the classrooms. It could also affect someone visiting a dying relative in a care-home but apparently not at a Downing Street Christmas Party. Amazing.

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