Unanswered questions — 7 Comments

  1. You do. You only don’t know – or are afraid.
    If you want to find out, try just freely associating and look where it leads you. Or you can try (clinical) hypnosis.
    IF you want to find out …

    • Using a bit of simple logic – if there is something in my past that my memory has deliberately erased then maybe it’s better to leave things that way. There wasn’t any abuse [that I’m aware of] so it’s best just left as a sleeping dog.

      I’d love to know the bit about Woody Woodpecker though.

  2. Call it a memoir rather than an autobiography, and you can fill in the gaps as you wish. Laurie Lee seems a fine example of a memoirist, you know much of the stuff is not true, but it is a good read.

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