Weighing up the risk — 10 Comments

  1. “They look to the gubmint to tell them what is safe or what is risky.”

    And yet from my point of view; the government (both State and U.S.) are the two things that can do me the most harm.

  2. If from childhood on you are shielded from every tiny little “risk”, you don’t develop a good understanding of what you can deal with, what your limits are, and also what your strengths are, no? You then become afraid of everything of which you don’t know if you can deal with it? You then depend on some “experts” to tell you how high a risk something is? You don’t know how to trust in your own resources?

    • The University of Life is the best teacher of all. How else would we learn that fire is really fucking hot, or that electricity is best kept insulated?

  3. I’ve heard the word derisking for some time now. I’ve even used it myself to describe actions taken to reduce that risk to zero. I’m sure it was to do with H&S which seems to be the only area that actually looks at that as an end goal for everything. Most areas just look at reducing it to a manageable level. H&S go that extra mile which is why everything that gets stopped because of risk is usually around a H&S issue.

    • I did a search and apparently it’s a term mainly used in high finance. It’s a term I haven’t come across before.

  4. I would assume that the ultimate goal of derisking is the removal of all risk, which as all sane people know; is not possible.

        • Dear Me

          The link still seems to work.

          I trust all viewers noted the disclaimer on the flying fox and the absence of a SAFETY DEVICE on said fox. Also no ‘CE’ mark, beloved of the blessed EU (for those still entrapped). How did we survive without a ‘CE’ mark?

          I understand no persons were injured in the making of this film (not a video, since they had not been invented), but I am pretty sure that all animate lifeforms including human, equine and canine(and any I missed) will be deceased, eventually.

          I believe Pat Scott survived long enough to be interviewed about her ‘school run’. Don’t know about her sister, though.


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