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  1. As to the utility bill, why can’t you access your online account and print your most recent statement?

    • That’s a possibility, but they are remarkably sniffy about which documents they’ll take. Why for example demand a passport when a driving licence gives even more information like my address? The only reason I can think of is that their software is only programmed for passports.

  2. Commit some minor crime. Get Hurr Indoors to accuse you of a hate crime.
    I am sure that your Guarda will identify you for certain.
    And Shirley the bank will believe your honest coppers.
    Then your good lady can renage on her accusation.
    Result – Loads of publicity.

    • Wouldn’t work. Herself has tried that so many times the Guarda are refusing to call any more. Too many false alarms.

    • I was with Rabo for a while. Interweb banks are grand but lack certain essentials [things like chequebooks, plastic cards and the like]. Maybe I could get the essentials added on but at a price. Both banks I am looking at are local bricks and mortar and both provide free banking to us Wrinklies.

  3. I don’t think it’s Ulster bank that are screwing you over. The EU (pfft!) have decided that EU citizens cannot have “foreign” (ie not British) bank accounts.

    Another reason for Ireland to leave.
    Come and join us in the Commonwealth.


    • Alternatively, instead of switching banks, I could switch countries. I would then have a Scottish Provident account as they own Ulster Bank?

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