The application of lateral thinking — 7 Comments

  1. Backwards compatibility is good for the user. Not so good for the folks wanting to sell you more crap so you can actually use the “new and improved crap” they forced on you the night before.

    • I would normally agree, but all software involved is open source and free. Ergo there is no profit in it.

  2. May I recommend “I don’t care about cookies”? It’s freeware, blocks all cookie notifications. My version is integrated with Opera, no idea about Waterfox.

    • It doesn’t load in Waterfox.

      Dammit but I’m sick of this. I have reverted to Firefox. It’s slower but the tabs are back on top. They’re still in the wrong place but at least I can see them.

      I hate admitting defeat.

  3. Your error is a fundamental understanding of what upgrades are. Once you have a working program and everyone is happy with it theoretically there is no reason for upgrades. Coders are traumatised. Either they won’t get paid or their unpaid hobby is finished.

    So they all fiddle, make changes that are not really required and pat themselves on the back for their innovation making your working system stop working unless you upgrade. They have no interest in the end users, you.

    This is the reason that Windoze is No.1 Linux should have replaced it decades ago but they can’t get their act together and come out with an easy to use working distro. There are so many different ways to connect Pcs together and geeks have the power to make you look small by not understanding how smb shares work. When in reality you don’t care. So we stick with Windoze because it just works.

    It isn’t just software. Everyone seems to be moving on to Smart *spit* phones and soon you won’t be able to flush your toilet without an app.

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