Back to the Future — 11 Comments

  1. Whence thor-han?
    The Christening.
    Priest, “Well sir and what name will your son be given?….Excuse me you seem to be in pain. Can we continue?”
    Proud Dad, ” Thor han. ”
    Priest, “Thor han, In the name etc. I name you Thor han.”
    Proud Dad, “Yeth, I thcorched my han on the hot thtove.”
    Well, I have heard worse.
    Not often.

  2. That Elena Dingle-Dangle makes a box of frogs seem sane. Super Saddo seems to have an interesting mix of psychological issues – he/she could provide doctors with many years of fruitful analysis.

  3. I’m like you in that I have enough hard enough time staggering around in the 3D world as it is and I don’t expect it to get any easier. I do occasionally think in 4D though. However I blame that on the meds I take. I’m afraid being ascended might be fatal?

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