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  1. Thanks for the update. Good.
    Pill? Show her by example. Take one yourself.
    When she sees the effect she will want one.

    • There is no chance I would be able to swallow something that big. I might pretend, and just take one of my own?

  2. Must be a vet thing, next they’ll be donning a cast off suit from the Apollo missions.

    Mrs took one of our Spaniels in a couple of weeks ago, matey vet clad in full face shield and serious looking mask tried shouting ever louder at her when she said she couldn’t understand a word he was saying through all those layers.
    So arsed was she, went and looked at another vet to see about changing allegiance, must be a good living judging by the bills, that one was even worse like trying to get into fort bloody knox, have to put up with the present one.

    Dunno what the family doctor is like for space suits, difficult enough to get past the camp guards before the flu scam, impossible now, whether i ever get to see one again before kicking the bucket is debatable.
    Funny thing though, i had my annual medical couple months ago to keep my work licence going, don’t use my own practice cos not paying the ridiculous fees they want, the lady doctor i use charges sensible fees and just wears a simple face mask, she’s far too competent to be at my practice anyway, sadly.

    The world’s going barmy at an ever increasing rate.

    • Ironically our Doc doesn’t bother with any of the current shit. Entering his surgery is like a portal into a sane world. Mind you, he doesn’t bother with one when shopping either so maybe he has given himself a medical dispensation?

    • Ah yes, I remember and can vouch for its veracity. I must print it out for Herself when she starts muttering about wanting a kitten.

    • Pick cat up, wrap towel tightly around cat. I hold said cat, OH prises jaws open and pop the pill in, sometimes spits it out, but do again, massaging throat, make what you think of that, but works and kitty still here.
      And we’re all safe. TG.

  3. I used to hide the dog’s tablets in his Pedigree Chum at feed times. No problems, though with the subject dog being a Lab the whole bloody lot went in one gulp. Didn’t even bother to chew.

  4. “I haven’t a clue how I’m going to get even half a massive tablet into her though.”

    Trick I’ve had some success in the past with, is bury it in some cheese.

    Only *some* sirens, mind you…

  5. Worried about our Chihuahua not eating properly. Vet on Saturday. Left 10 minutes and £163 lighter. Waiting for urine and blood test results. Dog eating pretty much normally now. Little bastard!

    • The little bottle [admittedly containing very large tablets] – €52. Dogs can be damned expensive. But they’re worth it…..?

  6. The idea of wrapping the tablet in some delicacy wouldn’t work with Penny. Take for example a mix of mince and carrots – she can pick up the carrot, suck all the mince off it and spit out the perfectly cleaned carrot.

    I gave her the first dose today. The tablet is very chalky in texture so I ran it under a rolling pin [remember those?] and scattered the resulting very fine powder over her tinned meat. I got away with it!

    • Ah, the good old days. Rolling pins, wringer washing machines, sending one of the kids over to change the channel on the TV, or turn the volume up a bit and maybe wiggle the rabbit ears a little.

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