Gimme a job — 6 Comments

      • I saved every work related email of any importance I sent over the years. this was for those times when someone said “you never told me about this”.

  1. Have you noticed that folks who actually ‘worked’ for the paycheck are seldom in a big hurry to get back to work once they retire?

  2. You and I have the same opinion of politicians. And it seems we have a few more than you folks do? Sure, we got the federal government including the president,vice president and all the senators and representatives of the Senate and House. But we also have 48 contiguous states (we kind of ignore the doings of Hawaii and Alaska) with all their individual houses and senates as well. And if that wasn’t enough we have to deal with all the minor (read: pissant) politicians of all the cities and towns of said states (all 19,495 of them). Oh yes, I forgot all the state governors and city and town mayors and council members of each. Tons and tons of politicians.

    Just more to ignore I guess with the possible exception of the ones that raise my taxes and set water and sewer rates?

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