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  1. Dear Grandad

    I read Mr Edward P’s (no relation) comment as a reference to the so-called journalist who penned the article for the Irish Times.

    Having read a bit of the article, the so-called journalist did spot the possibility that remote workers might have become too accustomed to being properly attired only from the waist up. Anyone who was too casual from the edge of the desk down, especially on the hotter days (if they exist in Ireland), might raise an eyebrow or two if commuting by public transport, and the same no matter what mode of transport was used when rolling up at the office.

    Hope this helps.


    • I have noticed that the IT seem to be running out of material of late [and journalistic talent]. One of the headlines today on the front page – “Man caught on his own CCTV with stolen dog after attacking owner”!! Actually the story is quite funny but hardly front page material?

      I think there was a case some months ago of some bloke was making a conference thing with some high rankers. He was “appropriately” dressed until he moved at one point and everyone could see he had no trousers on. Luckily he was wearing jocks.

  2. Seeing that the crap you produce every day is so bloody dire why do I go to great lengths to read every word?
    Right back to Anna Raccoon. RIP.
    Do you know the pictures of yourself and your dog and your car have been buggered off by Google Earth, the new version of which is bloody awful IMVHO. The Pro version is still there but with limited features as I’m sure you know.
    By the way great respect to you for producing almost every day. So many bloggers have been left dead on the roadside over the years because of the pressure.
    Thank you sincerely for the LOLs you have given me. If you stop there could be demos.

    • Do you know the pictures of yourself and your dog and your car have been buggered off by Google Earth” I saw that. What worries me is that you obviously visited GE on a regular basis just to view those images? That is really fucking sad.

      • Well !!! Really!!! HaHaHa.
        That is a fine way to talk to one of your loyal readers.
        If visiting GE regularly is fucking sad what does that make visiting your blog every day?
        What were you doing visiting Google earth?
        If I didn’t know better I would think you are a cantankerous old sod. Oh hang on!
        May a lighted match never drop in your beard. Unless you film it.

        • Visiting this site every day is up there with howling at the moon.

          I do have a slight hirsute problem. My hair has grown so long that I am in grave danger of setting fire to myself when lighting my pipe. However I have no intention of filming such an event should it happen. Sorry!

  3. It’s the brainfarts that keep us coming here. The random eclectic mix of home-spun wisdom and pensioner cantankerousness helps the rest of us believe we may actually be normal. More power to the brainfarts.

        • Uh, perhaps it’s because you’ve referred to yourself as cantankerous (old fart) in the past? Not exactly positive about that so I could be wrong. Anyway, when they refer to you as cantankerous I’ve always assumed that it’s towards your “Grandad” persona rather your actual self. Consider it a back-handed compliment–a good hard swung one but a compliment nonetheless.

          And a good fart analogy if I ever read one.

  4. “Why does everyone insist on calling me cantankerous?”

    I will refer you to the cover of of your own work of literary genius, HEAD RAMBLES.
    There is a banner directly above a rendering some guys head which states “with Ireland’s most cantankerous auld fella”.

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