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  1. “ The only accurate way of setting a clock was to listen for the timing “pips” on the radio or watch for the clock on television” except that there is a difference in the time shown/time of the pips depending on whether you are in digital or analogue due to decoding lapse!

    • I’m talking about pre-digital where the radio was a bog standard AM or FM. I wouldn’t be too worried about a second or two anyway.

  2. Digital clocks are built into almost everything anymore. The one analogue timepiece I have is an Elgin pocket watch my father bought me as a high school graduation present in 1970. After all this time it only loses a minute or so a day.

    • Digital is fine but I prefer analogue. Whenever I change a watch [about once every decade or two] I like to go for an analogue with a digital window showing the day of the week. I have a Casio now which is excellent for accuracy, not that I need accuracy these days,

      Incidentally my car display is still set to GMT as I never bothered changing it to BST. Hardly worth changing it now?!

  3. Did you have the talking clock on the phone? At the third stroke it will be . . .

    I noticed one evening last week on RTE that the Angelus was put back ten minutes to allow a programme to finish!

  4. I can honestly say that the only digital clocks we have in the house (besides the desktops) are on the stove and the microwave. As far as clocks with old fashioned faces with hour, minute and second hands go, we have numerous–all battery powered. But for real honest-to-goodness analog clocks we have a grandfather clock which chimes on the hour, a “regulator” type, pendulum-powered wall clock which also chimes the hour, and one Black Forest cuckoo clock (currently not working but I’ll get to it).

    • The short case clocks here are the whole works – clockwork and pendulum. The one that’s currently working has one small problem – it has to hang slightly off-vertical to get the pendulum swing right. I know I could adjust the works but it’s easier to leave it as it is. It chimes the hour and half hour but sadly has a rather unmelodious “bell”

      • “…but sadly has a rather unmelodious “bell”.”

        Ah, just like our grandfather clock I mentioned. The long slow pendulum swing is nice but the chime has more of a clunk to it than a “ring”. I forgot to mention a smaller (square-ish) case clock manufactured by Seth that has a beautiful chime to it. Unfortunately the lower “pin” on the flywheel/escape mechanism seems to have a burr right at the bottom of the thing that keeps it from rotating. Not much I can do about that and there’s no more clock shops around to take it to.

        • I love the sound of a grandfather clock’s tick. I would love to have one but a) they’re damned expensive and b) I don’t have the room for one.

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