On being schizophrenic — 7 Comments

  1. What does your alter ego think?
    Is Penny puzzled?
    Sounds like a good excuse for double whiskeys.Slainte.
    And slainte again.

    • Sorry. I refuse to talk to me. It’s an old row the origins of which are lost in the mists of time.

      The double whiskey sounds like a damned good idea though…..

  2. Trebles all round, I reckon. Ethanol is the great anaesthetic and the great leveller. I hope your pain goes away for good.

  3. It could be that one of your personalities is actually a doctor.
    If it works; it works. Go for it Grandad.

    As I get older I’m finding that asking myself “what have you got to lose?” is getting much easier to answer.

  4. Please, look at the description of the med if it says that it can make you dependent.
    Use as needed – reduce as soon as possible.
    These meds are not harmless.

    Get better soon!

    • There’s no mention of dependency, though I know that in theory anyone can addicted to just about anything.

      My routine now is to suffer up until midday and then take one. Then another at around six and I’m grand for the evening. When I make these little rules for myself I tend to keep ’em rigidly, such as my little rule of never having a drop of the hard stuff before nine.

  5. Ah, glad you finally got something that works for a change. I was a bit worried you know. Now let’s hope the malady goes into remission (or just goes away) soon so you can get back to your coffee shop.

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