We’re DOOMED [again] — 16 Comments

  1. Didn’t you know that global warming is a prelude to a coming ice age? Or haven’t you seen “The Day After Tomorrow?

    • That film was made in our village. They buried us under several million tons of snow.

  2. You’re quite right: there’s bugger all anyone can do about it. That won’t stop our politicos raising taxes “to avert the imminent danger” since they haven’t seemed to realise that the biggest danger we face is from their outsize egos and hubris – and lack of realisation that to a man (and woman) they all suffer from the Dunning Kruger effect.

    • Don’t you just love these people who appear on television from time to time, growing potatoes or building their home out of old car tyres and they are single handedly Saving The Plant

  3. What I would like to know is where all the eels will end up. Leaving the Sargasso Sea, they have been used to going with the flow and ending up here. They will be pretty cross to swim all that way and find they have missed Ireland completely.

  4. I do hope that November in Glasgow is a cold one. And please, pretty please, let there be a power cut. And let Wee Nippie Sweetie close the airport to “save the Planet” by cutting fossil fuel burning. And can we get BoJo to go into a friendly hostelry like that one in Trainspotting that was so welcoming to the yank.
    One can dream.

  5. We have a variety of of those very annoying “Public Service Announcements” on man made global warning. Personally, I refer to it manmade global bullshit.

    One of them shows a small boy who says “I’m only six, you figure it out.” Well my reply to the kid would be “I was born in 1952 and my parents left the place to me with half the neighbors building bomb shelters in the back yard. We figured it out; so will you.”

    • Brilliant! And so true. We survived the threat of nuclear annihilation so a spot of bad weather is hardly going to bother us.

      • I’ve one of those bomb shelters in my backyard in point of fact. I use it to store the potatoes I grow to save the planet. Looks like it’s constructed out of old tyres.

  6. A private jet belonging to the family of White House climate czar John Kerry has reportedly been used over a dozen times this year, flight records show. U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry’s family jet took 16 trips since January 2021, mainly within Massachusetts,its just arrived in Martha’s Vineyard to attend Obama’s 60s birthday party with 400 guests and 200 servants.
    So now we know the rules dont apply to the elite.

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