Back in the U.S.S.R. — 5 Comments

  1. We used to get calls daily.but recently they have tapered off. We have a parcel at the post office requiring £2.50 to release. We have criminal charges against us, having diddled the Tax man. We are having our internet cut off. Our Bank requests details confirmation about a suspected false withdrawal. And on and on. They arrive as phonecalls and texts. The ingenuity is mind blowing.

    • I get the usual gamut of calls too, but I really had to admire this female. Her persistence and arrogance were a joy to behold [“how dare I hang up on her!”]. She was really convincing. Sadly, she never called back. Maybe she’ll call again in the future with a different scam?

  2. I’ve started getting these calls fairly regularly. Not all from the same number so it’s not possible to block, I suppose. I just hang up.

    • This one was unusual as she was using the same number for a different scam. I’d block it but for one thing I could only block Germany and we have friends there and anyway, I enjoy winding her up.

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