Independence Day — 11 Comments

      • Or ‘The Mouse That Roared’ – declare war on America, lose it, then you can live on the proceeds for ever. Worked for Germany . . . .

  1. (1) Will there be customs officials at the gate? 

    (2) Have you decided on a passport design as yet?

    (3) I have Jameson, but Condor may be an issue for me. I do have a healthy stock of Peterson Irish Flake if that would suffice. 

    • 1.  Yes.  Penny will be on duty provided she's not out for a walk, sleeping, feeding or just doesn't feel like it.

      2.  No.  Not yet.  A pipe with a green circle around it?

      3.  Jameson is of course fine.  Peterson Irish Flake might be worth a try but bring an extra half bottle of Jameson just in case.

      • Got it.

        I understand you will be terribly busy doing head of state stuff, but If I bring my copy of Head Rambles will you be available to autograph it? 

        Also, I want to congratulate you on your great show of fiscal responsibility by placing two agencies (the military and customs) under one agency head. (Congratulations and good luck to Penny!)

        Now having said that, I advise you to keep a close eye on Penny lest she get any ideas of overthrowing the current administration and seizing power. 

  2. If I can manage to sail across the Irish Sea in my £5.99 Primark rubber dinghy, possibly assisted by the UK Border Farce Illegal Immigrant Rescue Service, can I apply for political asylum from this numptie governed plague island? I can claim a family connection (the Gallaghers from a village outside Dublin) which may help. I can even bring my collection of the Corr's greatest hits (plus a bottle or two of a medicinal .alcohol beverage).

    • I thought the UK Border crowd brought everyone they found to the UK?  So far, no one has attempted crossing the Irish Sea in a rubber dingy so far as I know.

      You can leave the Corrs behind [lighten the load a bit?]

      What village outside Dublin? Your answer is of critical importance.

  3. Don't know if me and The Wife can make the trip (if we can it will be our last) but if we do we're bringing a wooden platform (kit), a yurt (also a kit) and an outdoor loo (again a kit, complete with shovel). I quit smoking long ago but the Jameson I can manage well enough. All we would ask is that the ground where we'll erect the yurt and the loo be solid ground as it's difficult to dig a hole for the loo in a bog.

    By the way, what's the tax rate on a yurt? Oh, and Happy Independence Day to you and yours as well.

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