The descent into madness — 6 Comments

  1. 'The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to avoid falling into the ranks of the insane'

    A quote from the wisest of all Roman Emperors, Marcus Aurelius.

    It just shows that nothing ever changes.

    • My problem then is that I'm never on the side of the majority but haven't avoided falling into the ranks of the insane

      • Not necessarily: being temporarily resigned to a dystopian state of affairs ain’t the same thing as a permanent acceptance. They will all bugger off soon and leave you in peace, although your nerves may be temporarily in pieces. It will get back to normal.

  2. You haven't cracked yet.  You will have cracked when you go down there with a weapon and start blasting away.


    Mind and leave your account details with someone who can update us with status reports.   I've done so already for my logins just in case.

  3. I think you are in a latter day version of the Stanford Prison Experiment and a psychologist will eventually step forward and call a halt and explain that it was all just a test of human nature.

  4. As you know Grandad, I live in Cork City which has suffered all of the ills you list in your corner of Wicklow only ten times worse. Developments everywhere and if there is a spare ten foot by ten foot to be found, they’ll stick three houses on it and sell it as 12 luxury apartments. There’s crowds everywhere, aimlessly roaming around and causing congestion.

    Happily though I live in one of the most disadvantaged, anti-social and violent suburbs in the city. It’s wonderful here because nobody from outside the area would ever dream of coming into it. There are no attractions whatsoever in Mayfield and to give you an example of the natives, Roy Keane is our sole intellectual.

    So nothing changes up here, no new developments, no crowds, no real traffic jams and no, there’s very little anti-social activity going on either. But don’t tell anybody that because we’d be swamped in no time just like your little village.

    We’re delighted with our bad name and hostile reputation and if you’re thinking of coming up to have a look yourself, you can fock off!

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