The perils of fatherhood — 8 Comments

  1. You could try Windows 11 – you know the new one that is apparently unofficially available at certain sites – which Microsoft promised they would never make as 10 was forever.

    • Probably wouldn't work. MS has stated that Windows 11 will only support Intel Core i series back to the 8th generation and AMD back to the Ryzen 2000 series. No more support for older machines.

    • Hadn't heard about 11, but then I'm out of touch with the world.  Yet another chance to fuck up our Puters? 

      And Kirk is right.  The machine is ancient.

    • It's reckoned that 'Teams' will be bundled into Windows 11 – time to sell those Zoom shares methinks.

  2. If her laptop is still viable make her use Linux Mint. Not too sure what she uses it for or the programs she uses but by the sound of it she doesn't have much choice?

    • This is weird.  I can fire up the Mint USB and run it.  No problem.  However if I put in a W7 or W8 USB it refuses to see it at all, it just goes into Windoze Recovery which doesn't work.  Looks like it's Mint or nothing!

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