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  1. Grandad,

    Me? Sea school so throw the knotted ropes end into that mix.
    And don’t forget those wooden backed blackboard chalk rubbers that were thrown, with uncanny accuracy, at your head. And here we are. Now? Hurty words…

    • Ah yes.  We had the blackboard dusters too.  I'd forgotten about them.  Missiles ranged from a stick of chalk through books up to the duster.  I always had an impression that teachers had to learn accurate throwing as part of their training.

    • We had an Art/Woodwork master who had previous history in European circuses – his preferred weapon in Woodwork classes was a very accurately thrown chisel.

      When spotted cheating with a file rather than a spokeshave, the thud of his ballistic chisel, wrecking that tea-tray you were planning as your parents' Christmas present, was a most disheartening noise – you also crapped yourself about what might have been if you'd moved 6" while it was in-flight.   Best days of your life, apparently.

  2. When i was about 8 i got six of the best for not closing my eyes during morning assembly prayers

    , From that day i swore i would beat the shit out of him when i was older, i got my chance 8 years later riding my bicycle i drew alongside him whilst he was walking down the street i looked him in the eye and saw a wizened old man so i laughed in his face and cycled off

  3. I also was taught by La Salle sadists, so my experience pretty much matches yours.
    One valuable lesson I learnt early on was not to trust everything you read. I had to show up outside the staff room for six on the bum for some minor infraction and decided that a little extra padding down the trousers would help absorb some of the wacking. In best comic book fashion I shoved a notebook down the back of my pants and presented myself. The peals of laughter from all present when I bent over told me my plan had failed. I had to return a few days later for a second dose.

    On the bright side, it did give me a head start on detecting Fake News.

  4. Why do those who become part of a religious establishment which claims to profess "peace, love, and caring" turn out to be such warped and twisted individuals?

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