My life of chaos — 7 Comments

  1. check out on uTube ……..Rand Paul clashes with Fauci over NHI money to the Wuhan Virology Institute.                                                              The ones 'locking us up' created it but you wont see this in the MSM.

    • As usual, it all boils down to money. (Health be damned.)

      This is why charitable contributions I do make are local. If I send money to some national or international "Save The Whatever" group; I'm thinking 75% of it goes toward the payments on some bigwig's Range Rover.

  2. Gramps, maybe you should try for a part as an extra in the production. Tell them you are a published author, and name recognition would be a valuable asset.

  3. I agree with James (above comment) especially with your looks and height. They probably wouldn't have to throw you into make-up except for a touch up here or there. Hell, they might even pay you.

    • I like your thinking here Kirk. Another possibility is Disney buying the movie rights to "Head Rambles". 

      • I notice that no one has come up with the [obvious] idea that I should rewrite the script.  That hurts!

        • Hey now, that's a grand idea. I doubt they'd actually let you rewrite the entire script but it's quite possible that they'd bring you on as a "script consultant" for all things local and Irish in general. I suggest you get familiar with the previous movie of which this one is a sequel though. It might help.

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