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  1. And your plod can't nab you for looking at aforementioned screen while driving. Amazing, really – assuming the collective or individual intelligence of your plod is much the same level as that of ours.

    • You can be done for even holding a phone but it's perfectly all right to stare at a screen while you navigate through menus?  Someone please explain the logic there?

  2. I am of the opinion that the tons of features packed into cars are nothing more than expensive things waiting for their turn to need replacement. 

    • I had a two-seater sports car which had four cup-holders – why?   But still no sodding ashtray or fag-lighter – one absolute essential in any convertible is an electric fag-lighter, on motor-bikes too.

      I've got another car that has zero cup-holders but three lighters, one in the front, two in the back – that's more like it.

      • Two cup holders by the gear lever, also a cigarette lighter but no ashtray.  It's no wonder people flick their fagends out the window.

  3. Yet another problem in search of a solution.


    In a proper car, you press a switch, or turn a knob, and after an hour's driving you know where everything is.


    In these millenial's you have to take your eyes off the road for too long to scroll through other information and find the switch.


    What an advance.

    • Wait for the first pile-up caused by some bloke searching for his automatic braking system……..

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