Being kept on a leash — 8 Comments

  1. The logic-fail of this mad notion is that, if you check the accident statistics for the under-30s and compare that with the over-70s, then it is the under-30s who should be constrained in their driving for the benefit of public safety.   (I'm not advocating that either – I was an under-30 motorist once.)

    One thing governments always need to remember is that most over-70s actually turn out and vote every time, most under-30s can't be arsed, so who do they want to alienate?   Once that simple fact sinks in, this stupid idea will shuffle off into the long grass.

    • Nearly every fatal accident here seems to involve some bloke in his twenties [or younger]. 

      They tried to bring in a law here that removed the Medical Card from a load of Oldies.  They came out in their droves [one of the biggest protests in years] and forced a change of heart.  I'm hoping the gubmint learned from that though I have my doubts.

  2. This is only the start.They have not started on pubs yet.Just ignore them there must be hacks to disable trackers or register  in name of 40 year old.

  3. Rebellion, revolt, non compliance, not a chance based on the plentiful evidence on the ground round these parts in the past year. People would rejoice more like, that the dangers to life have been removed from their roads. Just wait till they stick digital tags on the old bastards. Wait they don’t need to they all have mobiles about their person which are tracked by the nearest three cell towers so the gestapo will know when and where the phone is and more than likely the wrinkly it is registered to. 

    • "…stick digital tags on the old bastards…"


      Bill, it's been done before – well, not exactly digital tags, but yellow stars. Look how that ended.

  4. It won't happen, it would constrain numerous of the farmers, GAA committee members, county councillors and parish priests, who still run rural Ireland!

  5. I think that Ireland is the same, except maybe metric, but in UK driving over 70 is illegal. Anyone, everyone, except plod.

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