Reinventing the wheel — 7 Comments

  1. When they changed the clocks last weekend, maybe they should have wound them back 20 years, before all this nonsense started and when pubs were still pubs which welcomed all sorts into their 'social hub'.

  2. Hopefully many pubs will adjust and welcome home-workers.  All they need is minor modifications – good WiFi and some screened-off tables: here's your discreet office space, lunch is available too.

    I wonder what will happen to all those unused office blocks in towns and cities, with their expensive parking (after a long, stressful and tedious journey) and expensive but grotty cafes?  Concrete-munching bacteria are needed!

    • The small snag with that idea is that workers would steadily get more pissed as the day progressed.  They'd end up polluted every evening.  There again, maybe that isn't a snag?

      Office blocks get replaced with car parks or open spaces.  Your choice.

  3. Clock Sense. This was the ideal time to stop this twice yearly clock changing farce.

    Stuck at home self isolating we hardly know what day it is, let alone the time.

    This clock changing is just a nuisance. Going round all the clocks and timing devices, trying to remember how you did it six months ago. The one in my car never gets changed. Can't be arsed.

    We are just kidding ourselves that we are saving energy or something. 

    • The EU [bless their little cotton socks] proposed that clock-changing should stop this year and that it was now up to individual countries.  Ireland can't make up its mind naturally.

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