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  1. "what was the definition of insanity again?"

    Something to do with repeating the same "solutions" over and over that haven't worked?

    Same procedure everywhere … including the suspensions because of "heresy". Including courts taking down measures only to have them installed again within the same day. Democracy is alive and well.

    I can't really put my finger on what it all reminds me of?

    • Yup.  Repeating the same experiment repeatedly and expecting a different outcome.

      The big WOW news here is that they are thinking of letting us travel a bit further than 5Km from home.  I can hardly contain myself with excitement.

  2. But Grandad, what you must realise is that with illness and deaths at such a low level, that only means there's enormous potential for cases to increase exponentially. That's one of the words we've been trained to be awed by this past year. And don't forget the R number: I've no idea what it is, and I've never heard a convincing explanation of how it can be calculated accurately, but the Very Clever People are terrible worried about it so that should be good enough for the likes of us.

    • If they shout "exponentially" I shall reply "statistically".  That's a word that can mean just about anything you want it to mean.

  3. 'Refusals' eh?

    Well the good lady and myself arn't having mengele's bloody concoction, but, the good lady fobs them off with various mentions of we arn't feeling too well and we'll contact when we're better and the like,  i bet many others are avoiding if possible being put on some do not employ/pension/treat/feed/revive list to be gone over by some new state apparatchiks that are bound to be employed soon to weed out those not complying. I wouldn't give a tuppeny one for any of their statistics, if they told me it was daylight outside i'd have to check.

  4. Dear Grandad

    I've been plotting.[email protected]/50998039340/in/dateposted-public/

    Note that excess deaths in the 85+ and 75-84 groups are now below the average of the previous 5 years. 0-44 group struggled to get above it all along. Only 45-64 age group is significantly above average.

    The 85+ group had a good start to 2020: little did they know what the Chinese had in store for them.

    Looking at the all-cause deaths 2010-2021 graph (current position 3rd down on the right), June to mid-October was pretty much the same as any other year. So why the face nappies from July? Corony corporatism?

    On the next two graphs, compare and contrast where 2021 is with 2015, 18 and 20.

    I'm pretty sure Irish data tell a similar story.

    Hope this helps.


    • I'm a little wary of average death rates as they really have to be taken over a long period.  So the true stats will only be available in a couple of years.  My reasoning is that the Virus ploughed into the elderly, many [or most] of whom would have kicked the bucket in the next couple of years anyway.  So while there may be a high number for last year or early this year, I would expect rates to be lower for the next few years. So  figures for the last twelve months would tend to be a bit higher than usual?

  5. Britain is slowly becoming a dictatorship under our arsehole of a prime minister. I'm glad that other haemorrhoid missed us last week though!

  6. All these new-method 'vaccines are leaky – that is, they do not prevent infection or transmission of SARS-CoV-2, just reduce its symptoms in the jabbed.

    There is concern we're being herded into something similar to Marek's disease in poultry.


    I have embedded my questions to and comments from Leggy below:


    Leggy, do you have information about these mRNA vaccines vs. Marek’s Disease in poultry?

    I’ve read that the vaccinated are a hazard to the unvaccinated, as they may be without symptoms, but be carrying and shedding viruses (as happens with chickens – the Marek vaccine is ‘leaky’).

    If the mRNAs are ‘leaky’, this grand experiment could turn out to be as bad for humans – all chicks must be vaccinated at one day old, or they die from infections (from the vaccinated but still infected and infectious flock).

    • legiron on March 24, 2021 at 5:36 am said:

      It’s not just the mRNA ones. All the vaccines are leaky.

      So… you get vaccinated against say, smallpox. You can’t be infected and you can’t spread it. Smallpox is dead in the water. It’s over.

      You get vaccinated against Covid and you can still catch and spread it but it has less effect on you. The virus keeps on spreading and mutating but it can’t kill you, just make you sick. Therefore more vicious variants can be spread by those vaccinated because it does not kill or disable them. It will kill or disable the unvaccinated. Normally, more vicious mutations would be limited because those catching them would die quickly or at least be confined to bed. But the vaccinated have milder symptoms so the vicious variants have a mobile spreader.

      That’s what happened with Marek’s disease. The vaccines didn’t stop the poultry catching or spreading it, just alleviated symptoms. Now chicks have to be vaccinated at one day old or it will kill them. The vaccinated get a mild sickness, but really it’s developed into an evil bastard of a disease. The unvaccinated will die. The disease has been boosted by having carriers who can tolerate the nastier versions.

      Will it happen in humans with the leaky Covid vaccines?

      I think it’s intended to, and I have a nasty feeling it’s started…

    • Leggy is one who does get my serious ear.  The bottom line seems to be that having a jab is better than no jab, but be damned careful about the choice?  I'm still set against the mRNA ones but they have issued an edict here that over seventies only get the mRNA.  So if I'm only given that choice or nothing I think I'd prefer to take my chances.

      There again, maybe the [unknown] long term effects might be better than the Virus?

      It's a really hard choice to make.

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