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  1. Back pain is the worst sort. The spine seems to delight in transmitting its discomfort to the rest of the body.

    • Ah yes.  A fellow sufferer.  Yours is as a result of taking on other people's weighty problems?

  2. My sympathy.   I had back-problems a few years ago as a result of earlier youthful endeavours, in desperation I visited an osteopath.  Stripped down to my nether-garments, this muscular bloke got me into a position I'd never even been in with a woman, quite a achievement, and proceeded to grapple with me in a very close embrace.   If one of us gained any pleasure from the exercise, it wasn't me.  Neither did I gain any benefit, but he still got paid.

    • I have heard about those osteopaths.  They work by inflicting pain in other areas to distract from back-pain?

  3. Back, both knees, right wrist, left thumb joint, right fingers sometimes lock solid, right shoulder, peeing every hour or so when its cold, i need a new body cos this ones about buggered.

    And yes, despite what the idle rich have been saying for ever, hard work does kill you, oh and money doesn't make you happy they also say, funny how they do their best to make as much of it as possible and they've never got enough.

    • As my old dad used to say, if hard work was so good for you, the rich would have kept it for themselves.

  4. I completely emphasize, sir. My similar back problems are service related but amount to basically the same thing. The injury is at the L5 area (lower part of the spine) which means constant ache at best and flat on my back at worst. And due to having to review the videos from our security cameras every morning I also noticed 2 things that have become rather obvious. The same "old man stoop" you speak of (I look like my father in his later years) and a seriously receding hairline. I don't mind the receding hairline really but the stoop bothers me for some reason.

    When I was down in Connecticut (ie: civilization) I paid a monthly visit to a massage therapist for the back pain. The kind that has to be (medically) licensed to practice not the other kind. And that monthly visit kept my back pain at a minimum. Up here in nowhere land the situation is different, as in not available, so it's back to sub-normal as far as the back is concerned.

    Possible compromise when walking? Look straight ahead as far as the horizon permits (buildings, cars, roads, whatever). This will allow you to keep your shoulders back while still being able to see what's coming–even the stuff close ahead. It may be a bit out of focus but you'll see it. I've used that technique both when driving and walking and it's worked well for me. It's harder to do when walking for some reason but I keep at it.

    • Funnily enough I didn't realise how bad my stoop was [or that I even had one] until I put the CCTV up.  Watching playbacks I wonder who the old bent fart is until I recognise myself.  The old hair seems to be thinning a bit on top as well, but that may be a trick of the light.

      I'll try the straight ahead look.  But not when I'm walking around the house….

  5. You could try a "kneeling seat" . I know nothing of them, but others like them.

    When I crick my back, usually brought on by sudden effort, digging, lifting, with a cold back, I find hanging by hands from a high bar, feet of floor, thus stretching spine is big relief. Just have a good explanation if anyone catches you.

    A lot of old English ( Olde Englishe) pubs used to have low ceilings, which was fixed by excavating and lowering the floor.  This still leaves the door  as it was, with a step down to new floor. The regular tipplers get many a laugh as new folk duck to miss the low door header and fall arse over tit down the unforseen step.

    Such larks.

    • The alternative explanation is that the rubbish piled up outside raised the ground relative to the floor. 

  6. My son has a small sign hanging on his living room wall which I have come to appreciate very much. I have no idea where it came from or whos idea it was; but I have come to appreciate it very much.

    "Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me. I want people to know why I look the way I do. I have traveled a lot of miles, and some of the roads were not paved." 

  7. I read my reply three times before the edit time expired and knew something was wrong. Damned if I could figure out what it was until time had expired. 

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