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  1. The simple answer is that they are petty tyrants that like to impose their will on people. They are the school yard bullies that enjoyed forcing others to do things for their enjoyment.  

  2. I tend to concur with the 'let's copy what others are doing' theory.   Once Italy had started lockdowns, politicians in other countries knee-jerked to copy that approach for fear of being labelled 'granny-killers', any politician who demurred would be held to blame for every dead granny in the land, however aged, frail and fragile.

    But once they'd started digging that hole, they forgot to stop, so they just kept digging it ever deeper, rather than building a ladder to clamber out of it.  The vaccines seem to offer them 'the ladder', but only after devastating businesses, economies and lifestyles everywhere.   But the upside for the politicos is that they have demonstrated how easy it is to exercise draconian control over their citizens' daily lives and that's something they'll not forget in a long time.

    • 'The vaccine' was a way out, but like every other opportunity they blew it. "Here is a vaccine, if you think it will do you any good, have it, all restrictions are lifted." But no, they had to ramp it up with talk of vaccine passports etc…

       " that's something they'll not forget in a long time." which is why, so their successors do not forget, lamp-posts will be required.

    • A good ladder would have been a "vaccine" consisting of isotonic saline solution. But that would, of course, have taken away the grand opportunity to make the whole world population guinea pigs for Big P.

  3. Every government talking head tells the press they are world beating or world leading something or other and the press who have revealed themselves to be nothing more than arms length government spin it to the populace at large. Other than the state of Florida the whole league of nations seems to be playing from the same song sheet.

    Why? The only thing that seems obvious is there is and has been all my life a one world government and the national governments are illusions. It's come out a bit. Not completely out of the closet but the door is open.

  4. Dear Grandad

    Judging by the performances of that nice Mr *hitty and Sir Vallance Bedspread amongst others, they seem to want the 'emergency' to continue forever. They are probably all on huge retainers and enjoy having the world UK hang upon their every utterance, and get a thrill from locking up the public 'for their own good' over and over. Plus there are almost certainly gongs and knighthoods and vermin and Nobel Peas prizes to be had.

    Trashing the economy is very 'green', and many greens are green with envy at the way an invisible virus has achieved in less than a year what they have been trying to achieve with their global warming hysteria for decades and Greta Thunberg for a lot less. Some are trying to position themselves to become the next jailer-in-chief and lock us all up to Save The Planet™.

    Small businesses have been badly hit, especially hospitality, entertainment and all manner of personal services, from nail bars to hairdressers: my hair is now corona style. Killing small businesses may be part of the agenda: maybe Big Nail, Big Coffee and Big Pub are all waiting on the sidelines – Victory Arms, Victory Nails and Victory Coffee.

    Another victim may be 'science', especially if people wake up and discover how much they have been had by 'scientists'. Whether they will be able to tell the difference between real scientists and charlatans remains to be seen.

    The biggest winner seems to be China. It's almost as if they planned it, but I am sure they didn't …

    On the latest woo – new variants, Miss Claudia, possibly also of this parish, posted a link in a comment on Mr Legiron's site to a post by Dr Rushworth, MD:

    Even as I type, someone is probably hard at work developing WuWHOflu2 to scare us all again, and Mr *hitty and Sir Vallance will be able to save us all over again, by locking us up, quite possible for ever.

    For our own good.


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