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  1. I refused the Pfizer vaccine and eventually got the Astra Zeneca one. I wasn’t keen on getting any but they wore me down with constant texts, phone calls and letters. Took the advice of Leggy who has no money involved and knows what he is talking about. 

    • Like you, Carol, I followed Leggy's advice, since he's completely disinterested.

      At 71, I got the AstraZeneca jab which means I'm not about to become an experimental genetically modified organism.

      • I had a chat with Doc a while ago and he knows my attitude to the mRNA.  I have a strong suspicion that he shares my opinion so I'm not worried.  I'll either take the AZ or nothing.

        • Here in Blighty you don’t get to choose your poison vaccine. Our Dear NHS knows best and you will take what you are given and clap while you’re getting it. You can of course refuse but that might have “consequences”…

          PS: Richter is a log scale, so zero is just whatever 1 is in the thing it’s measuring (probably Joules).

          PPS: I consulted the Duck – it’s basically Log10 wave amplitude – a bit like dBV for you radio chaps 🙂

  2. Pensions crisis, replacement electorate needing good quality homes few of our own younger folk could afford and bottom of the list when it comes to social housing priorities.

    Wouldn't it be convenient if a lot of wrinklies disappeared entirely.

    Just pondering what possible reasons they might have for the old uns to only have the dodgy brew, and who exactly is going to be held accountable when this all goes tits up.


  3. Enough to bring the country to a complete standstill?

    There were people in Laois who could not comprehend how the world could simply stop. Battered jeeps, old vans, trucks, even tractors, there were vehicles to ensure that standstill would never happen. 

    • Anything over a quarter of an inch seems to grind Dublin to a standstill.  Half of Irish drivers seem to be terrified of the white stuff and drive at about ten miles per hour if there are a few flakes around.

  4. Here in South Essex we've had nothing as exciting as weather for what seems like forever, but I've taken your advice and got in bread and bog rolls anyway. Unfortunately, given how my brain has turned to mush over this last year, the odds of me getting them mixed up are probably not negligible. 





  5. I think there is a policy of "use the dodgy brew on the oldest first" because

    1).  they probably do not donate blood, or we can just not accept it. Along with other organs.

    2). they are unlikely to have fresh offspring and any monstrosity can be put down to ageing genes.

    3). they are not going to live long anyway, so with a bit of luck they will pass on before the horns start growing.

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