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  1. In the UK, it's no accident that the early panic-order of Pfizer is only being pumped into the very old and very frail – they would probably die soon anyway, thus no long-term negative effects will ever be observed, so no post-mortem claims against Pfizer or the government.  Unusually smart, some may say.

    Smart folk here are awaiting the Oxford/AZ version, that's a 'normal' vaccine, working in a way that carries 100 years of experience.

    Choose your poison carefully and remember than 'man in white coat' often speaks with forked tongue.

  2. ‘ello Grandad 🙂

    Your mate at Underdogs has something to say on this subject. Fine though RTE, etc. is, I think I’d be with Mr. Underdogs rather than the meeja.

    But then, I’m an engineer, we tend to be a bit sceptical and have a good eye for BS. Especially if you have first hand experience (more than once) of being told porkies by “Scientists”.

    Someone pointed out the other day that if you mix science with politics (or just about anything with politics), what you get is Politics. So most of what we see is politics.

    Nevertheless: Keep Safe ! No running with scissors ! Look both ways before crossing the road ! But don’t worry about The Covid too much…

    You will end up dying of something. And “The Science” shows that, even if you are fat, old and ugly, 9 times out of 10 it won’t be The Covid that gets you, it’ll be something else. And if you are lucky enough to be under retirement age you are (IIRC) more likely to die in a car crash.

    Don’t know about Ireland, but in England & Wales the 2020 registered deaths are 11% above the average of the last 5 years, during which we haven’t had a bad ‘flu year.

    No big pile of bodies = no pandemic ?

    You decide 🙂

    • 'ello Gareth.

      I was down with Doc this morning [just getting some blood tests to satisfy his Dracula urges] and had a chat about the vaccines.  He and I are in total agreement about the Oxford/AZ one so that's good news.  Thanks to Mr Underdogs I think I knew more about the subject than he did.

  3. Interesting article that from the Irish Times, appears that as time goes by even those who initially wanted the jab last autumn are having second and third thoughts, best of luck trying to force 40% or more of a population into the camps.

    I'm always wary when dozens of cooks are simultaneously overegging the pudding, methinks they are pushing this so called vaccine lark just a bit too hard.

    Not having it, nor is my fair lady.

  4. I'm surprised that you consider it to have been rushed. According to a spokesman it was approved in record time without cutting any corners. All that was cut was a lot of red tape.

    Never mind that we have been told time and time again how the rules and regulations guarantee our safety and that they must be followed rigorously, call them red tape and they become an unnecessary impediment to progress.

    See. It's just a matter of using the correct words.

    • I'm not worried about the development time.  I'm sure they were reasonably professional but there are still to points that concern me.  The first is that there was enormous pressure to be the first past the post with billions in sales at stake.  The second and main concern is the total lack of testing for long term effects.  No amount of money or expertise can predict those.

  5.  I have heard it said on a news website, that all Pfizer state about their vaccine is that it "might" reduce the severity of any symptoms you may develop if and/or when you get infected.  That does not sound like immunity to me. 

    I'm sure I read about a three year old girl somewhere (I must pay more attention) who is so weak since having the jab that she can barely stand up.

    Lots of coverage on MSM. Not.  Too busy cutting and pasting government propaganda.

  6. It does not stop you catching it.

    It does not stop you passing it on.

    It gives you over ninety something chance of surviving if you do catch it.

    And now, lo, it is just as good for other mutations of the pesky little ball covered in toadstools.

    Aye, right.

    But, do not expect to be a blood donor in future. Unless medical ethics goes the way of political integrity.

  7. I think the fear comes from ignorance and the very scary stuff being pushed on the internet. They have been working on mRNA treatments for other things for many MANY years. They can "push it through" because they had already done the work. It is quicker to manufacture because the recipe is much simpler than The Oxford which has to grow the virus that they inject into you in a mix of adjuvants. mRNA is delivered in a mostly saline solution with a tiny fraction of the virus protein (manufactured not grown) suspended in glycerine, in the solution. 


    I am a vaper. There  are some vapees that are alergic to propolyne glycol or vegetable glycerine, and the allergic reactions some people are having they suspect might be to the glycerines they use in mRNA shots. 


    Glycerine cannot store by simply being at fridge temperatures. They freeze at much colder temperatures. That's why you can store 78% nicotine in the dark in your fridge as I do. And why mRNA solutions have to store in extra cold.


    The mRNA protein is the same kind the Sars-cov-2 has on its spikes. When your body notes it, it tags it as "undesirable" so if you get infected it has pre-knowledge and your immune system can quickly manufacture the antibodies it used to destroy that first bit it recognised as undesirable. Within a few hours the bit you got in the 'vaccination' has been destroyed – it doesn't lurk about anywhere! But the memory of its intrusion is stored in your cells for future use.


    Well, thats how I understand it. And I hope it helps someone else.  It is not a vaccination like Oxford, because no virus (dead or alive) is put into you. To say mRNA  'vaccination' is new, is not true. But it is true this is the first time they are trying it this way, as a "vaccination"  is true. 


    To me it sounds 'cleaner' than the old ways of vaccinating people with the virus or extractions of it in a solution full of preservative adjuvants.


    Well, that's  my opinion anyway. I have so much glycerine in my system as a vaper, a bit more is not likely to harm me!

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