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  1. I'd comment but I have to re-read your post first since I forgot what it was as soon as I finished it. One minute please…

    …Okay, that's better.

    You've pretty much stated my current situation to a tee with the exception I have my own Herself and not yours. Right down to putting on my winter coat. I keep forgetting to call in refills of medications lately as well as forgetting to take the damn things. The trouser thing also happens to me occasionally but I solved that by making sure I'm leaning up against something first. It works most of the time. I am a bit concerned about my right leg though. I can't seem to bend it high enough to get my right sock on lately never mind a boot or sneaker. This really bothers me for some reason. I'm thinking that a bungee cord strapped around my right knee and run around the back of my neck neck might help–or not.

    Books and films? Pretty much the same as you I figure or at least it's getting that way. I have to admit that it's probably the medication that the VA has me on that helps my forgetery along rather than just old age.

    Oh, one more thing I've noticed. The weeks seem to just fly by now with me hardly noticing. Why is that I wonder?

  2.  A couple of days ago my mind drifted onto the phrase "our queer old dean" and I could remember a tale about the man who invented, and gave a name to, the figure of speech (if that's what it is) spending a fruitless afternoon in Greenwich searching for a pub called the Dull Man but I had to search the internet to find out his name.

    Old age. It gets us all in the end. Unless it doesn't, of course, but who wants that?

      • Rev Spooner was actually an orthinologist. 

        An ornithologist is a bird-watcher, but an orthinologist is a word-botcher.


  3. I have solved the pants, socks, and boots problem by placing a chair at the foot of the bed.

    I give it a couple more years before I stop and ask my own "Herself" why there's a toe breaker at the foot of the bed.

  4. Oh my husband and I have had SUCH a good laugh! That's us!

    And then Kirk M's comment made us weep!

    Thank you both, very fun.

  5. A doctor on radio one day advised that we all, at some stage, go upstairs to fetch the car keys and when we get there we forget what we went up for. This she said, is nothing to worry about, but if you go and do fetch the car keys and then stand confused as to what they are for …………………. you might need to see a doctor.

  6. You might want to get your new medication dosages checked out if you are suffering memory loss.  No idea what you're on, but I'd bet dollars to donuts medication is at the root.  The sudden onset of symptoms is always a wake up call.

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