Drug addiction — 11 Comments

  1. You could sell anything in some places!

    I remember a story of someone being arrested for selling tablets and being completely nonchalant about it – the pills were Bob Martin dog conditioning tablets!

    • There was a kid from a very lah-di-dah college not too far from here who was caught selling cannabis resin.  Turns out he was making a good income from Oxo cubes.

  2. Grandad,

    I hear you. Twist and pick and twist and pick, then one last press and the pill shoots across the room like a bullet never to be seen again.
    On the plus side, those pill poppin' compartmental boxes are a great help and mine is probably the most used gadget in the house…

    • One of my smallest pills comes in one of the largest bubble trays which I swear is made of an alloy of Titanium and Kevlar.  I have to forcibly dig into it and then scrape around the debris for the wee tablet.  I swear they do it deliberately.

  3. Also called blister packs – I assume because they damage your fingers.


    Another pet hate you might agree with is 'child proof' lids.

    Most children can open these without problems, but my arthritic fingers object strongly.

    • I just leave the child proof lids to the Grandkids to open for me.  Especially those buggers holding the multicoloured washing capsule things.  They're a right bastard.

  4. Try using a sharp blade to cut into the foil on the back of a blister pack. Makes getting the blighters out easier.

  5. Had a trip down memory lane and decided to see who amongst the blogs I used to read is still going.

    Glad to see you're still at it! Hope all well in this odd times we live in.

    • Well hello Dario!  Indeed – twelve years since you last dropped by [and shouldn't it be Fka Brian Damage?].  I don't know why I'm still around.  One of the last remaining dinosaurs?

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