Unjumping the queue — 3 Comments

  1. Now that sounds sensible for once. I never could quite understand why Pfizer would develop a vaccine that required sub-arctic temps not only for storage but transport as well. A vaccine that, in the end, only had a frozen shelf life of 7 days. Even the Moderna vaccine, also an mRNA-1273 type, has a normally refrigerated (2 to 8 degree) shelf life of of 30 days out of a 6 month frozen shelf life. So why couldn't Pfizer do that?

    Unfortunately for us in the old USA it seems the only vaccines that are going to be available is the Pfizer and the Moderna types so far. Either way it will be awhile before the VA gets around to stabbing any of the veterans that aren't living in old-veteran type facilities. I'll get it when the time comes but my lady won't even consider it. Can't say I blame her any.

  2. Me too, Grandad. But hang on, who's going to pay for this unused Pfizer Vaccine at $15 a pop? Oh, wait…silly question! Still, plenty more where that's going to come from.

  3. "So if my turn arrives before the Oxford one is available, I shall politely step to one side and let others have my shot. I shall continue to let others jump the queue until the Oxford one arrives."

    My thoughts exactly. Although I'll probably let a few others in front of me for the Oxford one as well. You know, just to be safe (safer?).

    Of course, thinking about it logically, us old gits should have it first 'cos if anything does go wrong we are going to die soon anyway. (It's only being so cheerful that keeps me going. 🙂 )

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