Charity begins in the pub — 11 Comments

  1. These substantial meals are not going to aggravate the obesity plague that is so damaging to the nation's health.  Of course not.

    • No-one has defined 'substantial' to my satisfaction.  For some people it's a full roast dinner with all the trimmings, for others a club sandwich, for those on a severe diet it's far less.  It's a very broad and woolly-minded definition.

  2. And this points directly to the real reasoning behind it all,shutting down forever any small business,which then gets hovered up by the banks,getting everyone to collect government handouts, but only if you continue to do as your told.

  3. My problem is that many pubs near me in 'Sarf Lon'on' only serve sub-standard meals (at substantial cost) – most of the homeless would reject them.

    • In fairness, the pub[s] in question was donating the money to a charity which already provides meals to the homeless.  I think it's a brilliant idea but too brilliant for our Lords and Masters obviously. 

  4. It is remarkable that beings possessing an advanced central nervous system can be out witted by a particle 120 nano metres in diameter which has no way of acknowledging any external experience. I find it frightening that a virus particle which technically isn't even alive can run rings around a supposedly sentient human being.  Taking a far away look of course it is just humans being stupid and inventing stupid rules. Viruses just get on with making more viruses. It's what they do.

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