I love you — 6 Comments

  1. Just pray that Bill Gates doesn't have a hand in any vaccine – unless you want monthly updates requiring you to shut down and restart.

    • The chances are that after the first dose half your faculties won't work as they're not compatible.

  2. They are asking in the UK if people will be forced to take the Gates devil vaccine. They wont force people but you wont be able to travel, shop, tax and insure you car . use the health service ect unless you have taken the vaccine. In China they have a system were you cannot do all these things unless you can show you have been tested for the virus.                                                                                                                                             These politicians are never going to give up the control over people the have now.  Another point Boris UK PM had the virus so would be immune but now he's self isolating because the had contact with someone who had the virus. So whats the point of a vaccine if you are still at risk?



    • That's a good point about immunity.  If we are supposed to isolate after any suspicious contact, whether vaccinated or not then everyone is going to end up in a permanent cocoon.

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