The Big Win — 9 Comments

  1. Joe Biden is a bit older than me and I wish I had his energy. The dementia story was clearly just right extremist lies .A nice quiet Presidency is what I want and resratlishment of decent relationships with the world rathr than just with Israel. I'm happy with political excitement to be confined to fiction,

    • Biden's 'energy'?  Seriously?  He's demonstrably sick and old, as well as probably being implicated in a massive scandal over his son's business misdeeds.  His 'energy' seems to be confined to groping little girls and enriching his immediate family (and thus himself) via massive influence peddling with China and the Ukraine, to name but two.

      Don't care much for Trump, although I do find him more entertaining than most US Presidents of the last fifty years.  Hey, but he's not my President because I'm not a US resident or citizen.

      Now go call me 'far-right'.  Because "That's not an argument." 

      If Trump wins I see it as another victory against the self-appointed 'elites' who want to rule every detail of others lives.  If that's a 'far-right' point of view, then so is everything else. 

      • You nailed it.

        Long time reader, never posted. I'm sitting here in Pennsylvania and they are literally making ballots as we speak to drag Biden's sorry cadaverous carcass over the finish line.  I was prepared for a possible Trump loss, but not in a country where the Democrats are obviously defrauding this country and not even hiding it. It's sickening.

  2. I'd chuckle if neither one at the end of the day received the required 270 electoral votes to win. That would liven things up a bit. According to the current results though [depending on what media outlet you tune into] it's either Biden-237 to Trump-213 or Biden-248 to Trump-214. Other sites are so behind in their updates as not to considered.

    My guess is Biden is going to win it and all hell will break loose. Then, within 3 months into it, Biden will kick off and Kamala Harris will take the center seat and god help us all. We already have our riots, looting, murder, BLM* [yet another branch of antifa], and people running around yelling defund the police.

    *You ever notice that well over half of the BLM mobs are young, white, and stupid?

    Now we have people screaming about how this is the first day of the new American Civil War. They just seem confused about which day will be the first. Also, there's a bit confusion over what exactly they'll be fighting for and against whom.

    Another day in paradise. I think I need to go out and stock up on more ammo.

    • The highlight of the whole circus was last night's speech by Trump.  "I won and everyone is lying."  Brilliant stuff.

  3. Biden Perv. So is Hunter by the looks of it. Free world deserves a higher calibre of leadership and we all bloody well know it.

  4. The most disturbing facet of the US election is that, from a nation of 350 million people, the best two they could apparently find to run-off to be its leader for the next four years turn out to be the unhinged Trump and the undead Biden.   What must the rest of them be like if those two are the pick of the crop?

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