Birthday Blues — 12 Comments

  1. I am grateful that you do it.

    And you have pleasant bunch of commenters.

    Just keep on cantanking, cantankerising or whatever the verb is.

  2. I am also grateful that you do it/you've done it/you will be doing it. Of course this means that I've been commenting on this site for just about as long as it's been around. That's quite an achievement on my part I do think, considering my brain power these days [or lack thereof].

    • I just did a quick dive into the database.  First comment 5th October 2007 [you were a year out!].  Since then, you have only commented 2,105 times.

      For the record, your first comment –

      "Going Like Sixty dropped by while I was reloading my install and let me know of the bug you found. It didn't seem to affect me so I would have never known about it. Thanks for tracking it down and letting us know."

      Good old 60!

      • I just knew you would. Dig into the database I mean.  Okay then, I'll amend my statement. I have been reading (and commenting on) this site for 13 of those 14 years–almost to the month. Still an achievement I must say. I especially enjoyed the posts about your "war" with the neighbor (gone now) and sending tourists up to the bogs (and worse). Very glad you're still around.

        • Shit!  I hate predictability.  You must surely be my most regular visitor/commenter though.  How life has changed for both of us during those years?!!

          The days of shooting at tourists and sending them up the bogs have sadly become a thing of the past. There just aren’t any tourists around these days

  3. Keep it up Sir (as the actress said to the […..]

    Every day I fire up my PC and before anything else, visit Leg Iron and then you. That's because L.I. is above you in my Bookmarks list for no reason at all.

    Well almost every day; I sometimes get distracted. I do appreciate your efforts and have had some damn good laughs. Over the years so many of my favourite bloggers have disappeared that I am glad you still pop up.

    Well done and thank you.


  4. That equates to only 340 per year, that means you had around 25 days off annually, really not good enough, call yourself a blogger?

    Look forward to you starting to take it seriously for the next 14 years . . . . .

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