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  1. Getting taken off the system is an achievement!

    I had a parishioner in Dublin whom I went to visit in Vincent’s. I could find her nowhere and eventually someone did a computer search and told me the lady for whom I was looking was dead. “When?” I asked. Some years previously, I was told. “Odd,”I said, “she was in church on Sunday.”

    Her late mother-in-law had the same name and was still on the system.

    • This is the second time I have had them remove Herself from the system and the second time I have been assured that we won't hear from them again.  I'm waiting for next week's post……

  2. Ah, another regular type day for you I see. Keeps the mind alert and sharp I suppose?

    Strangely enough I'm having somewhat of the same experience here now that once again the hypertension "experts" at the VA medical center are trying to find a way to lower my high blood pressure. A task the "experts" have failed at miserably in the past. Of course they do this by trying different medications on me which usually have some horrible side effect or another, so they have to try another, then another and so-on (I'm way over sensitive when it comes to prescription meds). And because of all this covid crap all of this has to be done via the phone. I don't mind this so much since it saves me a 4 hour round trip to the VA medical center.

    Unfortunately, the "pharmacy" on my closet shelf is being filled up with medications that I can't take and have no way of disposing.

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