End the madness — 9 Comments

  1. If I thought for one moment that 'Bonkers' Boris cared a fig about a petition which half a million people in the world have signed, I might sign it. But he doesn't, so I won't.

    • If no one raises their voice, then there is no sound for the politicians to hear.  We die alone, choked by our own silence.  Is that what you want?  Or have you a better idea?

  2. Dont agree with all of it(children and vacines) but enough that I most certainly agree on, so signed

  3. I've already signed it.

    If all my readers sign it we can get it up to 555512. wink

    I’ve been saying the same thing since April when it became clear that the virus disproportionately affected the old and those with certain pre-existing conditions. Let the young carry on as normal, advise the old and otherwise vulnerable to protect themselves and give them the support they need.

    • Holy shit!!  The total now stands at 567587.  I had no idea so many people came to this site. 12,000?  Wow!

  4. I signed it with my real name and address.

    I'm also an older bugger and what i won't do is be told to stop living in order to just survive, like many others not addicted to the msm i ain't surrendering and they know what they can do with their new normal, sans lube.

  5. The British government’s policies in schools clearly demonstrate that they regard measures as political tokenism. I shall head to school in the morning and move among hundreds of students without masks or distancing 

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