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  1. Good news all round, well save poor old Penny having to stare at you!

    Maskageddon carries on in Tier 123 wotsit round these parts. Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right just about sums it up.

    As there tis the same here, the cemetery is filling up at the same rate as it did last year and the year before more or less. There is no pan or epi demic just a mind virus running rampant through people who pay attention to pointy heads on their screens. Two week break at the kids holidays is looning so that should just about kill off most of the social gathering joints in this area, save the supermarkets though. The CV avoids them like the plague and the interior of bin wagon cabs. Not only does The CV display this incredible level of intelligence it knows where it is, what time it is, what date it is and simply switches off and sits about waiting to get back on the clock. There is no end to its talents it seems, remember those tiger's and avocado's that tested positive for the virus back in spring?

    Quite how you get a swab up an avocado I have no idea but presumably the tiger(s) were asleep when they were swabbed. Also some Scandinavian fur farm is killing thousands upon thousands of mink as three hundred tested positive for The CV.

    Happy Days.

  2. Standstill

    Are they the three highest official levels of panic? Is panic classified by how still you are rather than how much running around in circles you do?

    • It's a bit like Schrödinger's cat.  Standstillest is when you are actually [or possibly not] running in ever decreasing circles until you vanish up your own hole.

  3. The thing is this virus will always be with us.

    The bird flu didn't go away, it just stopped killing people (6 in 10, a truly alarming rate) back in 2017. 

    The swine flu didn't go away; scientists developed a vaccine still in use to this day.

    We thought SAARS went away (COVID-19 is actually SARS-CoV-2) and MERS never took foothold anywhere but Saudi Arabia, (I think; coulda been Qtar or one of those other terrible sand kingdoms.)

    "Nature", almost always in the form of bats, has a way of throwing shite at us every now and again. Eventually an effective vaccine will be developed and disseminated annually, either combined with the (current) flu vaccine or as a stand-alone.

    Yes, it can be a lethal for the poor and a nuisance for us old farts and the very young, but most of that is genetics; nothing for it but good hygiene and luck.

    Same as it ever was…


  4. I saw yesterday (Tuesday that is. I know I'm late commenting as usaual in the news that they shut down the the Republic of Ireland–again. My sympathies to you (no coffee shop) and Penny (chicken-less again).

    • Shutdown ["lockdown"] starts at midnight tonight.  It doesn't affect me as the coffee shop had to close a couple of weeks ago.  I spoke to the owner yesterday and he is talking about reopening maybe some time in the new year, but he reckons he may have to close permanently if this goes on much longer.  His business was/is very badly hit despite my best efforts.

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